Hello There!

I’ve been considering a blog for years, but I guess there’s a right time for everything, and this seems to be it!

I’ll start by briefly introducing myself and what I hope to do via this blog.

I’m a long-standing “creative catalyst”.  Now you might be wondering, what does that mean? I help my clients invent the future; generate and develop strategic vision, identify new business opportunities, create ideas for new products and positioning. I do that through consulting, designing and conducting Innovation Sessions and Qualitative Market Research Studies using “high touch”, intensely human interactions, and some “high tech” via on-line methodologies.

I’m passionate about the work that I do, helping people uncover knowledge and ideas and putting those ideas into practice. While the work sometimes seems as if it’s blue sky/ in the clouds, it’s really very grounded, and practical,always focused on getting implementable results;  hence the name of my company, Practical Imagination Enterprises. This is the second consulting firm I’ve launched; I’ve been an entrepreneur for most of my career.  I’m extremely fortunate that my work takes me on amazing journeys of learning into companies, categories, worlds of information and people with vastly different views, backgrounds and culture. It never ceases to fascinate, and it makes me perhaps a “dangerous woman” because I’ve learned a bit about so many things that I constantly connect knowledge from one category/industry/topic to another.

Aside from the creative process, I’m passionate about family, music, cooking, and doing great work. I’m a soprano with the VOICES Chorale, have trained in theater, and occasionally do story-telling with my husband, a master story-teller, Ron O’Reilly.

Over the years I’ve been called a Muse by friends, family, colleagues and clients, and looked to for advice, inspiration and ideas. And in that spirit I look forward to sharing my Musings with you about creativity, innovation, food, music, story-telling, and whatever else comes to mind. And I look forward to hearing from  you, dear Readers, and will be happy to respond, as time permits.  Life is very busy these days, and I don’t expect this to be a daily post, but a periodic “Spark”.

Enjoy the day.


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  1. Congrats, Laurie! This is great!!

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