Musings on Letting Go

Dear Readers;

It’s Labor Day. The temperature has been noticeably cooler the past week; and while many folks I know are delightfully embracing the beginning of Fall…I’m kicking and screaming inside; not wanting to let go of summer.

Oh, but I wish I had another month of those hot summer days (even the humidity!) to let my toes be bare, to sink my teeth into luscious Jersey tomatoes, to relax on the beach, to dine al fresco after work, after exercise and long into the evening.

Not that fall is without charms. I do appreciate them, but still find myself saddened by the natural process of decay that Fall brings with it. I’d much rather plant seeds than rake leaves.  Letting go of summer is hard to do.

This Letting Go seems to be a current theme of many people in my midst.

A dear friend reflects on having to let go of his ego in order to embark on a spiritual journey. An elder relative who suffered a fall is wistful about letting go of her ability to live unassisted. A colleague says her sweet goodbyes to her son off to college. A client is frustrated having to let go of a business initiative that she shepherded for years; another client bemoans having to let go of plans to proceed with a research project because of reduced funding. The Board members I’m consulting to say they have to let go of self-limitations if they are to become a more powerful Board and successful organization.

So I’ll say a farewell to summer 2009, with a last celebration of its joys! And then remind myself of the new possibilities to embrace this Fall.

Wishing you a happy Labor Day.

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