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Musings on Throwing out a Lifeline
November 25, 2009

I awoke to a very disturbing dream this morning. Someone had fallen off a boat that I was on. I’m not much of a swimmer and didn’t try to figure out how to rescue the person. No maliciousness on my part, but a lack of courage? Effort?

The dream shocked me and it’s made me think about parallels in personal and professional life. As I seek to understand the dream, I’m reminded of a piece I heard last night on Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane. Perhaps no surprise given the escalating unemployment rate, that a recent USDA survey revealed  a sharp increase in the number of Americans going hungry, or on the verge of going hungry with almost 50 million Americans termed “Food Insecure.” This is a phrase I hadn’t heard before. It encompasses not just the amount of food that one has access to, but the quality; does the food have enough to sustain a healthy and balanced life?

The dream, and the report are very timely of course, with Thanksgiving holiday upon us. I am enormously grateful for the gifts of my life—my health, family, friends and colleagues; the good work that I have which enables me to use my creativity and brainpower and not the least, my ability to purchase and enjoy  great quality and variety of food.

I’m making my commitment to pay more attention to those who need a lifeline–to find ways to offer my time, expertise, friendship; to be a better listener, and yes, I’m helping out by distributing meals to those in our community who have less access to a good meal.

I wish you all a healthy and happy holiday.

Laurie Tema-Lyn, Practical Imagination Enterprises, 908-237-2246


Musings on the Power of a “Play” Day
November 1, 2009

Dear Readers;

I’ve been feeling guilty having not made a blog entry in a few weeks. A function of being immersed in client work with my head so filled with data that it seems there’s been no brainspace or time for anything else! Even my dreams have been taken over by thoughts of how to bring meaning to the data I’m reviewing in order to make meaningful recommendations to my clients.

But Friday I did what I often counsel others to do (though as you can see I hadn’t taken my own advice in a couple of weeks.) I scheduled a creative play day with my dear colleague and friend Patty. We spent the afternoon touring the Museum of Art and Design in New York. They are showing a provocative, poignant, emotionally-stirring exhibit called Slash: Paper under the Knife, in which artists cut, tear, burn, laser paper to make fascinating works that tell stories in a profoundly unique way. I’ll just mention one example: an artist created a wall of paper flowers out of the pieces of paper pulled from medicine bottles and prescriptions from friends and family. Go catch the exhibit if you’re in town.

After the tour, Patty and I, thoroughly inspired, “talked shop”  armed with new connections between the exhibit and our work as market researchers (and hers, as cultural anthropologist.)

What’s important here is setting aside time for personal renewal–whether it’s a trip to a museum, or a walk in the woods, or singing in a chorus. (I’m not talking about a quiet soak in the bath or sitting in front of the TV, much though I enjoy those activities too.)  It’s the interaction with the arts, and culture and nature which I believe is so critical to personal growth and happiness; and oh, of course, it’s valuable to bring back those connections and ideas to the work realm too!

I urge you to go out and schedule a play day, and I invite you to engage in a dialogue.

What did you do to nurture your creative spirit today?


Laurie Tema-Lyn, Practical Imagination Enterprises, 908-237-2246,