Musings on being indispensible

Dear Readers;

For years I’ve marveled at the work of Seth Godin– master marketer, blogger, change agent; but I hadn’t seen him do his thing live until Friday. I participated in an event promoting his new book, Linchpin. True to form, Seth rocked us all with his wisdom, warmth and message of empowerment. Seth made a case for how we’re moving out of the industrial age into the age of “Art.”

Seth’s not just talking about painters and musicians, but entrepreneurs, passionate folks in all aspects of work and life who choose to use their gifts to make a difference. They invent, lead, make connections, create order out of chaos. Seth is calling out for people to stop being defined by the system and make their own maps; to choose to make a mark and share their gifts in the world and become indispensible, “linchpins.”

Though I’ve been an entrepreneur in the creativity business for most of my professional life, I know this is not necessarily easy to do. As Seth puts it, we have to deal with The Resistance also known as that lizard brain, which we all have, which tries to sabotage efforts toward change, and keep us in safekeeping mode.

I’m not going to go on here but urge you to get Linchpin. I think you’ll be inspired.

I’d love to hear from you and engage in the conversation.

All the Best!

Laurie Tema-Lyn, Practical Imagination Enterprises, 908-237-2246,

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