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Musings on Reality
April 5, 2010

Dear Reader:

Reality, according to Wikipedia… “in everyday usage, means the state of things as they actually exist”.

I’m not a philosopher, theologian or physicist, so perhaps I won’t do justice to the topic, but I do find myself getting increasingly concerned and confused about the nature of reality in our current society.

Sure, I donned the special glasses to view Avatar in 3-D, in order to get that heightened experience of the movie. Perhaps inspired by that movie, TV manufacturers are getting into high gear in producing new 3-D TVs. Of course to go with the new hardware—companies are busy creating 3-D commercials.

Other examples: teens thrive on text messaging instead of face-to-face conversation (even when in the company of others), “Reality TV Shows” attract enormous audiences, and dig this headline from today’s online edition of Fast Company:  “Lifelike Geminoid F Robot Creepily Blurs Boundaries of Reality.”

Everywhere I look I see signs of our culture embracing simulations for reality and sadly, see many valuing Virtual worlds, or passively viewing other peoples’ worlds, vs. making their own lives work.

I’m not a Luddite. My work and personal life are certainly enhanced by technology, but I wonder where all these substitutions and simulations for real life, the real world, are taking us.

Am I the only one who is concerned that there is a younger generation that will no longer understand and appreciate Humanity?

I welcome a conversation with you!


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