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Musings: spending an afternoon in an alien land
October 11, 2010

Sometimes it’s just fun to get out of your comfort zone and spend time in an alien land!

I visited the Comic-Con (comic book convention) at New York’s Javitz Center on Friday. I went there primarily to support friends Maria Rosenblum and Brian Katz, who have launched a cool project–“Neutron Girl” a comic book written by Brian based on characters from Maria’s film MAGNETIC POLES — who’s lives take on a new incarnation in (working title feature script) “Water Falls in Manhattan”.

The afternoon at the convention was an adventure for me as I mingled with Spiderman and Superman, Chewbacca and Princess Leila, and quite an assortment of other characters whom frankly I was rather clueless about. But that was all part of the fun; to walk the crowds and take in a bit of contemporary culture, our new mythology. When I was growing up, the comics in vogue were Archie and Veronica and Superman, though some of us thumbed our noses at the stuff and snobbishly turned to books. But comics and the Japanese forms of Animae and Manga are serious literature and art these days, as the librarians and literacy researchers I spoke with will attest to. And Comic-Con wasn’t just comic books–but movies and characters, weird and gorgeous art, computer nerds and gamers and sci-fi fans –an amazing collection of humanity of all ages enjoying and immersing themselves in different realities.

So what will come of my adventure? Frankly I’m not sure, but somehow I know some nugget will end up inspiring an ideation exercise I use with a client team or the way I frame up a question in an upcoming piece of consumer research.

Comic-Con runs shows in different cities, throughout the year. You just might want to make a visit sometime.

And, by the way…there’s a whole other story about how Brian and Maria engaged a collaborative community of friends to finance their launch via Kickstarter (, which I’ll talk about another time.

Happy travels!

Laurie Tema-Lyn

Practical Imagination Enterprises