Musings on today’s co-incidences: Pi Day, Hawking’s death and Einstein’s birth

March 14th

Pi Day always feels like a special one for me. I named my research and innovation firm Practical Imagination Enterprises (PIE) for all the associations that come to mind and with a nod to π, 3.1415926, for the wonder and infinity it expresses.

Today is a particularly poignant Pi Day as the world has lost a brilliant mind; the theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking at age 76.  That he lived 55 years after his diagnosis with ALS was remarkable. He gifted mankind with his brilliance, his ability to make complex scientific concepts more broadly understandable, and his courage was inspiring beyond measure.

Coincidentally this great man, passed on the same day as the birth of fellow theoretical physicist Albert Einstein (March 14, 1879).

RIP Dr. Hawking.

Perhaps we shall celebrate his life with a slice of pie!


Laurie Tema-Lyn

Practical Imagination Enterprises



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