Musings: Here’s to more “mindful” actions!

Dear Reader;

I was at self-check-out at a retailer the other day, a store I hadn’t ventured into since COVID-19 hit. I found myself struggling to open the plastic bag to put my items inside and stopped myself just before I did the unthinkable! I almost licked my fingers to break the seal and open the darn bag. Oh horrors! Instead I spent a full minute- with folks waiting behind me- as I worked at it. Finally done, I walked out to the blazing sunlight and realized how much of life’s little daily actions are changed since the pandemic.

And, just this morning I left my car to venture to an appointment and realized that my face mask was sitting on the dashboard. Fortunately, a quick about turn solved that. These are just tiny examples of everyday activities that I must stop and think about before I act.

I’m sure that most of us are catching behaviors that are no longer OK, if we aim to keep ourselves and others in our midst safe.

Operating on “Automatic Pilot” is a time saver.  Pausing to think and weigh the implications or risks of action (or inaction) is also a blessing. It forces us to be in the present. Be more creative. Pay attention, and not just let things slide by.

On a meta level, during this heightened state of awareness many of us are seeing society, community and neighbors in new light. Our eyes are wide open to social injustices and changes that must be made to sustain our planet. On a micro level, we are thinking and acting differently in our daily lives: making changes in how we work, parent, attend school, shop, dine, and socialize.

A few personal examples. Since the pandemic hit I’ve transitioned my business completely to video, telephone and on-line research and facilitation. I’ve increased my daily exercise. Though cooking has been a passion, I’m venturing into new areas like baking. My family connections and social life continues with Zoom calls and varied safe outdoor activities; we even brought a taste of Broadway to our lawn by hosting a Murder Mystery dinner party.

The lock-down has been an extraordinarily busy time in every dimension of my life, and it has also been a welcome time of pause, reflection and gratitude.

While being forced to think and re-think most every action is a nuisance, it’s also a tremendous opportunity for self and societal learning and growth. I hope I/we don’t forget the lessons when COVID-19 becomes a thing of the past.

May you be safe

May you be happy

May you be healthy

May you live with ease*

Laurie Tema-Lyn

Practical Imagination Enterprises

* Thank you Anya Z for sharing this lovely meditation with me.


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